2010 – 5th Grade 4th Place Winner

Jennifer Qasim, Texas.

Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?

Which has More Impact?

I think that today in society we use more physical violence instead of listening and using words. For instance, if we would use and listen to words, we probably would have fewer wars, which would mean we would have less killing and fewer wounded. But on the other hand, if we keep on doing what we are doing, we will have more wars which will cause more killing and more wounded. Besides I think that war is wrong and very ignorant. I think that words can overtake physical violence, but before that can happen we have to learn how to use them. I think that music has a very important role during wartime. In some cases, if anti-war songs weren’t around, we might have stayed in war longer.

Some philosophers might have felt similarly. Kant might because he thought we would know what was right and wrong. Plato might also because he believed that there was a perfect world out in the universe. In that perfect world there is probably no war.

So my conclusion is that today the sword still has a bigger impact on society than the pen.


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