• 2001 Ford Motor Company Commitment to Kids Award winner in honor of: "Extraordinary efforts that positively shape the lives of children."
  • Endorsed by the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation.
  • Endorsed by the Minnesota Humanities Commission.
  • Endorsed by the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children, Seattle, Washington.


"I want to thank you. This PHILOSOPHY SLAM contest has been a glorious teaching adventure. We had many eloquent and jagged discussions on the powers of love and hate…they are profound, confusing, interesting, tearjerking, shocking, beautiful…. It was a grand adventure" Tanya Hodge, South High School, Minneapolis, MN.


"This assignment was not only meaningful for all of us, but enjoyable as well. Almost all of them (the students) indicated that both the topic and being able to write about their own lives was the best part. Much to my delight, the most frustrating part for them was the topic itself, because they had to think so deeply. I have a feeling they will remember this assignment for a long time." Patricia R. Pflaumer, high school English teacher, Abington, MA.

"I am thrilled that you are encouraging kids to learn about and enjoy philosophy. It would be wonderful if more people studied philosophy and used what they learned in their every day lives." Terri Williams, middle school teacher, former Mayor, Webster Groves, MO.

"Thank you for hosting the Philosophy Slam. I learned a lot from my students as a result of it.

Sincerely, Laura House, Chicago, IL.