2010 – 8th Grade 5th Place Winner

Hailey Shanks, Washington.

Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?

The pen truly is mightier than the sword. Violence is never the solution, and looking back through history we see the great things that the pen, and words, have done for us. Countries were established and maintained through written laws. Differences and arguments were settled through speeches and documents. And people, all around the Word despite differences can come together under the pen and enjoy something that is very much universal.

The advantage of the pen is that letters and documents can be brought back and read again, where violence and bloodshed is just in the time, with no future. After a while our memories will naturally fade and blur memories and details of violence. However, with great words of writing or a speech, it will stay on the mind forever. With violence, changes and “improvements” may be made, but can we truly be proud of those “achievements”? Are the changes really fair to call “improvements”? Considering that death and destruction was involved? I don’t think so. With the pen disputes can be settled peacefully, without causing much chaos.

The pen can be cherished by all. Children as well as elders can understand the pen, and take what they learn from things like books and use them in their everyday lives. Words are powerful, they are spread starting with one, to many. The written word is passed down from person to person, with a great effect. We all have favorite books and poems, but how many of us can say that they have a favorite battle? The answer to that is simple, not many. People want to be uplifted and taken on an adventure, writing can do this.

The pen has brought order to many countries. The Bill of Rights here in America for example, keeping Americans informed of their rights. Or, how countries, territories, and state lines were settled through documents. The pen is the clean and simple way to bring order, violence, on the other hand, is the hectic and hard core method, that is not necessary when you can use words. Disputes were settled, the greatest example of all is Martin Luther King. He brought fairness and equality to thousands of people by speaking up for what he believed in. Writing can be planned and controlled, and then turned into something great. Violence is uncontrollable and devastating.

All in all I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword for its ability to organize countries, bring fairness to all, and bring pleasure to people all around the world. The pen is responsible for positive change, not bloodshed. The pen is more powerful than the sword for its ability to unite people of all different kinds. The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

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