2008 – Second Grade Third Place:

Liam Greene, Texas.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

What is the biggest challenge to humankind? Global Warming, because there is too much of the greenhouse gas and the earth is heating up. That means less ice but that means more water. It would be like what's happening to the beaches. If you build a sand castle near a beach, what happens? It falls down because water keeps coming up. Why? Because the less ice there is, the more water there is. For example, at the North Pole the ice cap is melting and Santa's house might sink.

What I am planning is we would get a jet pack and we would have an astronaut like suit and then we fly into space. Then we get super goggles and find the greenhouse gases and get a super drill. Then we drill a hole and then we will get a super fan. Then blow some of the gases away. But we have to check every 1000 years. Don't just be lazy!!!


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