2008 – Fifth Grade Third Place:

Allison Gayda, Texas.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

Tornado of Inhumanity

The blaring of the bombs broke the silence

of the still, dark, night.

Inhumanity itself is a monster, it takes over you

until there's nothing you can do.

Inhumanity is a tornado, ripping though mankind,

ripping through our hearts and filling them with hate

until there's no more room for love.

Inhumanity is fire, striving on hate and


The cries of pain and hate are the music of


Man's Inhumanity is in everyone.

It will live on, never die.

This is the greatest threat our world is facing in the

21st Century because Mankind is creating havoc,

fear, and the need for power. This force is one that

cannot be stopped, it is growing.

This is a threat that will last a lifetime.




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