2008 – Fifth Grade Fifth Place:

Katie Micolucci, Pennsylvania.


Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

Dear Mom,

Today I'm flying to the North Ocean to look for bones of polar bears. Did you know that no one has seen one since 2045? Also, did you know it hasn't snowed in Buffalo since 2042? People have found old newspapers saying something about "global warming", whatever that is. In the newspapers it says that it was one of the most challenging things the world has ever faced. They say that the North Ocean used to be all ice and called the North Pole. They also say that "global warming" killed all the polar bears and it was unstoppable. Also, no one was doing anything. Some people planted trees, changed light bulbs and stopped using cars to help but it really wasn't doing that much so anyway, see ya in a month.



P.S. What's grass?





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