2008 – Fifth Grade Honorable Mention:

Elena Renken, Minnesota.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

An Inconvenient truth

The greatest challenge

And it's facing us

Heat enters, but won't exit

Gases for a wall

We must learn to break the cage

The increase of temperature

Dwindles our water

And affects us all the time

It is so much easier

To just close our eyes

To our polluted home, Earth

Skeptics say it's meant to be

While their eyes are closed.

They don't see the pollution.

What did the electric car

Ever do to us?

Nothing. So, why'd we kill it?

Why do we still throw garbage

Into our oceans?

Garbage fortifies our cage.

What have we learned from our world?

This dire dilemma

Is something we can't hide from

One mere person can help

Face Global Warming.

One person can help a lot

Let's all break out of this cage!

In miniscule ways

Knowing that everything helps.





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