2008 – Sixth Grade Fourth Place:

Hannah Juhel, New York.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

There are many problems that face humankind. In my opinion, global
warming is the greatest challenge. This problem affects the whole
planet no matter where we live. Other major problems such as war and
world hunger only occur in parts of the world. To adapt to global
warming would take billions of dollars, and to try to prevent it would
take the whole planets cooperation. Global warming would change life
as we know it. It is a huge issue.

Global warming has many threatening and deadly effects. One of the
biggest effects is the sea levels rising. This could be caused by
temperatures frising dramatically. The hot weather could cause
glaciers to melt and water to expand adding more water to the oceans.
If the sea levels start to rise as quickly as scientists predict,
cities and crops planted on the coast line will be destroyed and there
will be more floods. Also, if too much salt from the water penetrates
the land, it can destroy the fertility of the land causing problems
for the plants and animals. Another effect of rising temperatures is
human health. Heat stress is caused by very hot temperatures and high
humidity. Heat stress can become a very serious sickness if not
treated and global warming leads to this problem.

Global warming can have an effect on animals as well. If it keeps
getting warmer, animals will not have time to adapt to the new weather
and could eventually become endangered. Another huge result of global
warming is that the warm temperatures are melting the Arctic ice caps.
This takes hundreds of homes away from animals living there and makes
it hard for them to survive because their natural habitat is changing.
Global warming could also bring droughts and cause our food and water
supply to decrease. This could add to the problem of world hunger.
These extremely harsh effects would have an impact on everyone around
the world.

The planet can try to prevent global warming from getting worse, but
to try to prevent it all together is almost impossible. That is why
this is such a serious and dangerous challenge for humankind. Getting
the whole world involved to help would take years. In addition, to
adapt to the many effects of global warming will take billions of
dollars and require humans to change their life styles.

Global warming can change life as we know it. It can cause us to
totally change the way we live in trying to prevent it or adapt to it.
Getting the whole planet informed and involved could take years, and
by then it could be too late. That is what sets global warming aside
from other major problems people are facing. Not only are the effects
of global warming life threatening, but global warming effects every
one on planet Earth.






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