2008 – Sixth Grade Honorable Mention:

Jin-Sun Kim, Massachusettes.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?


No, global warming is not the greatest challenge facing humanity
because every day more and more people try to help prevent global
warming. It is clear to many people that our earth is in danger. In
order to prevent global warming, many people recycle, plant trees, and
try to reduce garbage and walk short distances rather than drive a
car. If everyone in the whole world worried about global warming and
at least participated a little in preventing it, I am sure that we
could stop the earth from warming. We just need to try more.

In my opinion, the greatest challenge facing humanity is hatred,
violence, and war. They are things that humans can never get rid of
in their minds, and emotions. We try not to hate people, and not to
hurt people, but sometimes our words often hurt other people's
feelings because sometimes we get stressed from our daily problems and
we can't stop ourselves from being negative and careless.

I know that hatred, violence, and war are the greatest challenges
facing humanity because of my personal experiences. For example,
sometimes some people hurt my feelings by calling me names about how I
look. I not only dislike people calling me names, but it also builds
stress inside me. Also, if stress piles inside me, I often get angry
and say harsh words that will dump my feelings on somebody else. For
example, I might see someone with a weird dress and I might tell her
that she looks horrible, even though I don't have to say that to her.
Then, the person with the weird dress will get stressed and say bad
words that will hurt other people's feelings. You see, one bad word
can lead to many people's stressed and hurt minds and emotions. It
goes around and around.

People know hatred is a bad thing. I believe that hatred leads to
many wars. First, small fights grow. For example, people argue and
give each other dirty looks. However, sometimes these fights grow
bigger and become violent. For example, punching, kicking, and
pushing each other are results from anger. When this violence doesn't
stop, it leads to huge trouble. I believe that sometimes it can lead
to war. There would be two different teams thinking differently
hating each other. In my opinion, if we want to stop the terrible
wars, we should stop hating others for doing something different.
Remember, hate brings war!

War is a terrible thing. Many people suffer for no reason. Also,
many individuals become to hate each other's countries, and its
people. For example, in World War 2, many people died, and children
got seperated from their parents. The remaining individuals spent day
after day shivering, being afraid of what will happent to them. I
believe this is the worst thing that can happen in this world. What's
sadder than being torn apart away from your family during the war? You
will be alone, with nobody to care of you.

Global warming is not the greatest challenge facing humanity, since
it is something we can change if we work at it. However, hatred can
never go away in our minds. It's always inside us. One reason why it
is inside us is because we face many problems, and they give us
stress, which makes us get moody and careless. Also, hatred brings
war. Wars are terrible, Many people die, families get torn apart,
and sudden bombs explode. I am sure war is the greatest challenge in
this world than global warming.







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