2008 – Sixth Grade Honorable Mention:

Makenzie Hill, Kansas.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

We have been faced with the idea that a thing called "Global Warming"
is heating our planet and sooner rather than later it will totally
change the way we live if not destroy it. Some scientists say it is
the greatest challenge facing humankind. It is not. There are things
that are a greater challenge facing humankind. War is the greatest
challenge facing humankind.

War is one of the most horrible things that are going on in our
world. War destroys home leaving many people homeless and without
food. For example when a country boms its enemies it kills, wounds,
and destroys people's lives. War leaves people with no where to go.
Global warming will only (if exists) change the way humankind lives
but humans have proved themselves able to adapt to the climate

In addition, war can cause disease. For example, when America bombed
Japan, the people who lived in and around the city that was bombed,
people were diagnosed with cancer (mostly leukemia). Even babies, if
tehre mother was pregnant with them, could get cancer just from their
mother breathing in the bomb's radiations. Also if a person gets
wounded and is not treated carefully, people can die from infection.

Another reason why war is bigger than global warming is because war
corrupts world peace. War destroys the chance of the world working
together. If global warming is coming, it is a problem that the world
has to work together on. We have no chance of working together in
peace if war keeps breaking out.

As you can plainly see, war is a much bigger problem than global
warming. If we don't work together now, and if global warming comes,
we have no chance of defeating it. War is like the flu, it spreads
from person to person. War needs to stop, or we will kill each other
off before we have to change because of global warming.







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