2008 – Seventh Grade Second Place:

Juanpablo Olguin, Florida.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

I believe that global warming isn't the greatest challenge that we
will face. There are other challenges that people are going to face
like war, hatred, racism, diseases, etc. These are all serious
problems we must solve because of our actions. The more we keep these
irresponsible actions that we do to each other and the world, they
will add up sooner or later, and we will face in in a more serious
way. I don't think that people should be experiencing any of this
because we are all the same and we live under one home, Earth. But if
we face global warming, it won't be easy to solve and the more we keep
on littering, polluting, and not caring where we live, the world will
slowly die and it might bring up some more problems. For example,
while we are having wars between each other for something that isn't
going to solve anything, we are not only hurting people for no reason,
but it's also hurting the environment, which can lead into more

Wars can ruin our planet in many ways. Nor only would it affect the
earth, but maybe other innocent people will suffer from the waste of
wars. For example, nuclear bombs will not only wipe out a large
portion on land but the waste of thenuclear bombs will release
radioactive waste that kills many humas and hurts the environment.
People who might live in those areas of the world would become very
sick. Kids and adults will start to become disfigured. War also can
make people get more mad at eacher other and when there is hatred,
badd effects will happen. I don't believe that the greatest challenge
is global warming because we can help prevent that in may ways but the
real challenge I believe is our ireesponsible actions in regards to
our environment and fellow humans. We all must face each other and
think about how we are harming the earth. For example; is fighting and
declaring war really going to solve anything? Does it benefit anyone?

In conclusion, diseases, war, politics, racism, global warming, etc,
are much greater problems that are caused by humans acting
irresponsibly. We all must think of the consequences of our actions.
We must face to each other and think as one mind and do what we know
is right. Nothing in this world can be solved without working and
cooperating with each other. But the only solution that we will ever
get if we don't start acting now is globale warming and that is just
the beginning.






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