2008 – Seventh Grade Second Place:

Aarushi Sarkari, Minnesota.

Is global warming the greatest challenge facing humankind?

I wonder…

I wonder if I’ll go out again,

I wonder if my friends will visit,

I want the trees to grow, to fly,

If I soar,

Beyond the dirty atmosphere,

To the heavens.

I want that to happen to me, a child.

I wonder if I’ll get food to eat,

I wonder if the water will flow,

If I’ll jump, and

Leap to the skies,

And land with a bound.

I wish to reach the clouds,

I want that to happen to me, a beggar.

I wonder when the temperature will drop down,

I wonder if the air is clean to breathe.

I want to ride,

And fly to unreachable places,

To see myself in a mirror.

I wonder if that will happen to me, the President.






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