2007 - Fourth Grade Forth Place

Tatiana Washington, Virgina.

Compassion or violence, which has a greater impact on Society?

Violence has a greater impact on society. I think violence is to act out of control and to harm someone. I watched a TV program, CSI (crime show). One this show, someone drowned another person on purpose. In my neighborhood, there are a lot of gunshots and firing all around us. There are also gangs who cause violence. They never get caught and people are afraid to go outside their homes.

There are other examples of violence. For example, children bully other children in my school. They tease and taunt each other. My guidance counselor teaches us how to respect one another and use kind words. In music videos, rappers say violent words in their music. Children think it is ok and they begin to say them and even act out the words. There is too much violence in children. They don’t know what is right or wrong because there are not too many good role models. Sometimes there is violence in the news, books, and magazines.

I wish that violence would stop and people start using more compassion. Like the philosopher, Plato said, "What is the just thing to do?" If people do the right thing, then this would be a better world to live in.


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