2007 Fifth Grade Forth Place

Allyson Leigh Atencio, Texas.

My theory is violence destroys the heart and compassion rebuilds it. I once met a girl that had a heart that was totally destroyed by kids bullying her and other people pushing her around and it almost made me cry when she told me her story

The whole reason why kids bulling her was because she spoke Spanish. When she first came to America she only spoke Spanish so when she was in kindergarten she had a really rough time so then she had to repeat that grade. Now when we are in fifth grade and she is in fifth grade she is just turning 12 and everybody else is turning 11. She is taller that everybody but she is one of my best friend and I don't treat her different that other people. To me she is not taller but she is equal to me! When I first met her she was a shy little girl who did not have any friends and nobody liked to be her friend, all they wanted to do was make fun of her. She was not in any clubs then a she used to sit in her own seat on the bus. Now once I have shown compassion towards her she now is in every club in the school and people actually get into arguments on the bus so that they can sit with her. This is only one of my examples of how compassion can change somebody's life and I am sure that there is this kind of compassion happening all over the world. Even though you don't see headlines on the news like, "Little Girls Changes another Kids Life by Showing Compassion," I know that it is going on! At the end of the day think about how many lives have been changed by showing compassion.


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