2007 Seventh Grade Third Place

Olivia Crane, Florida.

Compassion or Violence:

Which has a greater impact on society?

            Compassion and violence both make a large impact on society. Violence however, has a greater impact. Violence affects everyone. Everyone had been through something that has moved his or her physically or mentally. Violence doesn’t have to be man vs. man. Violence can be man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society violence can be almost everything. Compassion affects everyone, but violence scars everyone.

            Nature is violent. Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Charley are violent and there isn’t anything we can do about it. Natural disasters and storms affect society to the point where people can't even really think about compassion anymore. Nature is violent and it always will be. Twisters, tornados, hurricanes and rain showers are all violent. Violence affects society and they way people live to a point where we can't live anymore. Their houses have been destroyed to the point where people have nowhere to go and people have died.

            War has a violent impact on society. War can happen in one place but tear everything apart. War has no compassion but it can make people realize that we need compassion. War affects everyone, everywhere. War isn't just in one country, state or region, it's everywhere. It affects everyone and hurts just about everybody. People loose family members, friends, parents, sons, daughters, uncles; aunts people loose everyone in war. War affects society greatly.

            Fear of violence affects everyone. Nowadays everyone had to lock their doors and set the alarm before they go to bed because they’re scared someone is going to rob them in their sleep, or shoot their parents, or steal their kid. These kinds of things do happen and that's why us as people know that we need to be cautious of these sorts of things. Fear affects everyone and people generally fear violence. Violence is something we should be afraid of because it is a problem going on in America right now.

            People have to pay for violence. Literally we pay tax for jails so that we can attempt to have safe lives. We pay to try to rehabilitate people so they don’t go off killing random people. We pay so we can live safe. We pay so be safe when we will really never be "safe." Everyone had to pay so that there aren’t sexual molesters, killers, or kidnappers everywhere. Everyone had to pay for everything. The saying is true: nothing is truly free.

            Violence will always be a problem and will always have a big impact on society. People will always pay to be "safe." People will always be afraid of violence. And nature will always be violent. Violence has a greater impact on society then compassion.



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