2007 Eighth Grade Fifth Place

Landon Case, Minnesota.

Compassion or Violence:

Which has a greater impact on society?

Violence is fighting, blood, gore, weapons, confrontations that end in fighting, killing,

Death, public disturbance

Violence is numbers----

Violence had a greater impact on society

It comes first in our society

Violence is winning or losing----

You're either shot or not

You've either been stabbed or going to stab someone else

It is in cities, states, countries, and nations

It can start by just an argument

Or a racial comment

Or a different or opinion or religion

It can also be started by trying to help another country

It can be started by an anarchy

Violence is numbers----

It reaches out more to people in the society

Has more people affected; if they are a part of the fight or not

Violence is numbers----

                                                            Years at war

                                                                        Soldiers dead

                                                                                    Money in debt

                                                                                                Men wounded



                                                                                                                   On a tombstone...

Violence is numbers.


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