2009 – 2nd Grade 2nd Place Winner.

Sylvia Doerr, Minnesota.

Greed or Giving; which has a greater impact on society?

Special to Me

Greedy means being mean. I played the fisherman’s wish in our class folk tale play and I was a greedy character who wanted a lot of things. Even though the wife got many things she was not happy and wanted more! In the end she had all the things she wished for taken away because of her greed. So greed just makes society worse. Giving has a better impact on society because it can help and change your community. When my class gave money to the children in India that was very nice and giving. When I give to others I feel good and helpful. Giving is being thankful for what you have and what you get. My most valued possession is my Isabella Bloom turtle because it belonged to my great grandmother. It is special and was then given to me. I would be willing to sacrifice my Isabella Bloom turtle for the good of my community. I would do this because if I didn’t something bad would happen to my community and this would not be good.

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