2009 – 3rd Grade 2nd Place Winner.

Miguel Martinez, Ohio.

Greed or Giving; which has a greater impact on society?

Greed has a gibber impact than giving on society. It is a sad truth that is takes only a bit of greed to have a big negative impact on society, and it takes a lot of giving to have a small positive impact on society.

For instance, if there were only ten people in the world and there was only enough food for the ten people, and one person was greedy, then even if the other nine people share, it is still not enough to make up for the one who is greedy.

Also, when people of different cultures are greedy, it creates violence and war because neither side will agree to work together on issues, and they want more than they need.

I think we need to work on how greedy we are or greed will get more out of control than it already is in our world. We can do this by sharing more, taking only what we need and working together.

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