2009 – 3rd Grade 3rd Place Winner.

Liam Greene, Texas.

Greed or Giving? Which has the greater impact on Society?

I want to talk about the places where the leaders starve people to death. Leaders that do that are too greedy. I saw a picture of an African child who had been starved put her hand onto a man’s hand and the child’s hand was so little. The African leader is too greedy.

If Socrates was here today he would help that leader start improving his country and fix the things that he messed up. Socrates would do that by helping him think. He might say, “Ignorance is the only evil.”

I think Socrates was right and the leader is unprepared and he gets angry because he doesn’t like people telling him what to do all the time.

In my opinion, greed has a greater impact on the world.

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