2009 – 6th Grade 4th Place Winner.

Katie Murphy, Illinois.

Greed or Giving? Which one has a greater impact on the society?

The pirouette of the world
Spun deliberately
And daintily:
Free of anxiety
Until along
Came the patter
Of ungracious human feet
That deprived the world
And filled it with greed.
We trampled every
Dollop of compassion and affection.
We destroyed
The contribution each person
And replaced it
With the craves
We had that lumbered abaft us,
That weighed us downward
And held us
That blocked our aspects
Of how life is
Supposed to be lived
And cherished.
We turn the meager things
Into objects we supposedly
And take them to
These privileges
Are what we take
For granted.
We never realize the world
Was manufactured
For our benefits,
Not our necessities.
We are blessed with the
Circumstances that come with
And the opportunities
Which are held before us.
So why do we fail to remember
Why we abide?
It’s because we forget to give.

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