2009 – 6th Grade 5th Place Winner.

Katherine Weir, Minnesota. 

Greed or Giving? Which one has a greater impact on the society?

I believe that giving is a stronger relationship and impact rather than greed. Since in our lives we hear of so much pain and greediness, when your hear someone say something positive and giving it can turn things around, and make an impact on you. I believe that giving is making choices that help others; and not just yourself. Greed, on the other hand, is making easy, ignorant and hurtful decisions based on your own feelings. To me an impact is something that you’ll remember. For me I’m going to remember all the people in my life who have helped and loved me, rather than the greedy people who simply don’t care.
Do you think of yourself, your personality, and your idols based on the greedy people or the giving ones? I think that your experiences as a child and an adolescent really scope out the way that you look at the world. If throughout your childhood you were spoiled and used to getting your own way, you probably would feel greediness. If you were homeless and someone pulled their car over to give you a piece of bread, while you were starving, in 20 years you would be more inclined to pull your car over and help that child rather than the spoiled child.
Although, this can be true, you can be the greediest person in the world, and change yourself. There are always choices, alternatives, and people to help you become the best possible version of yourself. But the people you push away; or the people that you welcome into our life will make an assumption about the kind of person you are. Sometimes you have to suffer to understand; sometimes you have to experience the worst to become the best.
Giving is really a form of love and sharing. To give you must love something or someone so much you feel their pain and heartache and you simply must help. Giving is a way of guidance. In life you want everything to be good, everything to be peaceful, but it is not. As times continue to grow harder many giving people feel like they have nothing life to give, all their money is gone. But, that is their mistake, giving is not about money it’s simply about love. Giving someone your love is the greatest gift of all. It will make you so much happier than money could ever make you. Giving is making you belonging and true. That is the biggest impact and change that anyone and everyone could ever ask for. If we could all open our eyes; try to see the perspective of giving. If everyone could learn to be giving we all would be so much happier, and so much better off.
In life you make a lot of decisions that will impact your life later, and somewhere along the way you present actions such as greediness and giving. I think that everyone has the ability to be giving and the ability to be greedy. Although many people apply to both the way that you choose your friends, your lifestyle, your role models and through your family and colleagues you are really choosing your future. Those are the people who shape your personality, decisions, and inspirations. So it’s in everyone to be greedy, and it’s in everyone to be giving, but the path that you choose represents you as a person and what you’ve become through your journey.

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