2009 – 8th Grade 3rd Place Winner.

Yani Miles, District of Columbia.

Greed or Giving: Which Has a Greater Impact on Society?

It’s every man for himself. Each man shares an equal opportunity
To make a life and wealth for themselves. To be president of the
United States or CEO of a national company, or the best golfer in the
U.S. But what about the women? What do they know? If legally women
are equal to men – then why doesn’t society reflect that? A woman as a
President, a female CEO, and female Tiger Woods. Is it greed that holds
the men in this grand country from letting go and letting women? G-R-E
E-D a five letter word that sums up half of the mentality in the United States
society – even in the world. Its greed when people are wealthy and don’t
think twice about those who are less fortunate – its greed that one race
feels the need and entitlement that results in the suppressing of all other
races to inferiority, its greed that discriminates of sexual orientation and religion. Its not freedom and liberty and equality, that leads and
runs this country. It’s greed. It’s the one thing everyone can possess. It’s what
makes us equal. It’s greed.
Who isn’t greedy?

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