2009 – 8th Grade Honorable Mention Winner.

Caroline Stolz, Georgia.

Giving or Greed: Which has a Greater Impact on Society?

Giving or greed: which has the greater impact on our world today? Personally, I think it ought to be giving; however, not everyone sees it this way. We all know that not everyone can be successful on their own, but we humans strive to succeed no matter what the effect may be on others! Everywhere you look you can see evidence of this. I have heard greed referred to as the plague of the people; we may never be able to cure it.
One reason people are greedy is simply because it has become widely accepted. Face it, the degree of greed has taken on a new level in the past few decades. People are always striving for more, more, more. We go off to college in hopes of returning with an education that will make us as successful as we want to be! But when we make enough money to live very well off of, will we ever stop worrying about the amount of money we have in the bank? No, we will take the extra cash and use it to purchase something we merely desire instead of aiding someone in need.
Another reason I see people in general as greedy is because we will do anything to achieve, including destroying the environment we live in. We have all heard about the sweatshops created in other countries, as well as how the environment has been polluted and destroyed in those areas. How can we clear out land for our own benefit without giving anything back to the Earth which has given us so much? Eventually, our deeds will catch up to us, and if we have taken more than what we need, we may, in the end run out of resources.
The main and final reason that makes me think greed affects our society more than giving is that we neglect those in need. The people that run the corporate world are those that were already rich, yet they still look for ways to become wealthier. While we are striving to attain whatever goal we have, we don’t take into account the well being of others. Think about it. How many times have you walked passed a homeless person and did nothing? How many nights have you spent having dinner with your family while someone else goes without? There is nothing wrong with shooting for your goals, but on the way there, would it not be great to help someone who needs it?
If you read what I wrote and really listened to it, you can easily see where I stand on the subject. Our world, I hate to say, is greedy. That does not mean it always has to be this way. If everyone puts for a little effort, we can pull ourselves our of this world of greed and instead live in a society that thrives.

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