2009 – Most Philosophical 2nd Grader in America.

Soren Eversoll, Minnesota.

Greed or Giving? Which has the greater impact on society?

Once upon a time, there was a woman and man named Jennifer and Wallace. They lived at the same time and in the same town but they had many differences. Jennifer was kind and giving. She gave almost all she had to the poor. She treated people respectfully. She had lots of friends and they always thought of her.

Her neighbor, Wallace, was selfish, greedy, and rude. He had no friends. He was a rich banker and didn’t give people jobs because he was afraid he would run out of money. He shooed boys and girls away from his bank. People tried not to get in his way. When Jennifer died, she was always remembered for being helpful. People thought about her and tried to act like she had. And when Wallace died, people forgot about him because they didn’t know him very well to begin with.

The moral is: Care about people and friends, not the things that you own. If you are giving, you will make a bigger impact on society than if you are greedy. Greedy people don’t get to know other people.

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