2010 – 6th Grade 5th Place Winner

Alex Stamboldjiev, Minnesota.

Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?

The Power of Man

Some say the sword is stronger; some say the pen is mighty. I say neither. I say it’s humans who are stronger. Humans wield the pointed blade. Humans use the ink filled pen. Some argue in their papers that the pen and sword control humans’ I say neither. Humans invented the pen, and humans invented the sword. Humans have the power. I would like to quote Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road not Taken,” (two roads diverge in a wood and I took the one less traveled by,) I quote this poem because I’m explaining the road less traveled by which is also the road less seen by many.

I prove my point by the problem of China versus Google. There are pens and swords fighting yet no champion has emerged. I say humans are stronger, I say humans control the sword, humans control the pen. Some people say humans can be controlled by pen or sword, I say it’s humans behind the pen, it’s humans behind the sword. So I say if you think you’re controlled by pen or sword you’re really controlled by humans.

Humans choose what they want to do. Neither the pen nor the sword. Humans are in control of their own lives. Humans can’t be controlled by fancy ink, or a pointy blade. Some say the pen writes the law and the blade that enforces it. Humans write the laws and humans use the blade to enforce the laws. Pointy blades and fancy inks are weaker than a common person.

I say the road not taken will solve the problem in China because the pen and sword are getting them nowhere. Humans will solve the problem in China. Because humans control the entire world. Some say a bloody blade won, some say a fancy pen won, but I say it’s the human behind the blade and pen. And human who wins because humans are all powerful.


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