2010 – 6th Grade 2nd Place Winner

Virgilo Arguello, Florida.

Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?

In my opinion, the pen has a greater impact on our society than the sword. The sword can fight a war, intimidate, cause pain, injure, cut or just be an ornament that provides pride to the owner. But, the pen can go beyond that. It can start and stop a war, by signing a treaty. It can give something to you or take something from you by signing a contract. It can establish legal relations in our society, like marriage. It can end a relationship, as in divorce. it can give and show agreement or support, in a legal court. It can determine or limit the duties and rights among people, to provide order and peace. It is also sometimes an arm that defends ideals.

With a pen, ideals can be transformed from abstract to real. A pen is the best friend in a time of inspiration for poets. A pen in the right hands can recreate a portrait of a person, and even inspire emotions. With a pen, an artist can illustrate how our surroundings look or just how we would like it to look. The most beautiful objects of art have been created with just a pen and a paper. A pen is the best tool for a designer. A pen has dictated what we should wear and we should not wear when used by a fashion designer.

Engineers can draw a flawless structure. The most wonderful ancient and modern structures were made possible by a pen. Architects can transform their creativity into wonders. Landscape designers can rearrange nature with their inspiration, and a pen. A pen is required to write a recipe for a delicious meal for Thanksgiving dinner. A pen has helped families to carry the most succulent recipes through generations and generations. A pen has the capacity to transport feelings in a letter across distances. It has helped us to communicate our deepest feelings and emotions, into a book. It can illustrate the first word to an infant or it can make an intellectual struggle with the most complicated formula. A pen has helped us write phone numbers. A friend’s phone number, a family member’s phone number, the name of place, and it can remind of something that we need.

Once it was one of the most inseparable tools of the most educated and not so educated people. It was carried with pride by any wise man. Today its function has been replaced with other tools. it has become sometimes an article of collection, and comes in different styles, colors and shapes. But its practicality it is still unique. And it is still, the most required tool, at any school, at any level. A pen, held in a hand driven by a magnificent mind, has helped humanity to illustrate wonders.


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