2010 – 6th Grade Honorable Mention Winner

Julia Walchessen, Illinois.

Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?

The Sword vs. Pen

Violence lies within human nature
Deep in the heart lies destruction, to kill, to fight, to avenge
Greed fuels this fire to an inferno of death
Leaving in its wake, chaos and horrifying memories
Screams echo as the thieves of life relive their victims’ death
Guilt numbs them as the sparkle in those eyes disappears forever

But in the ruins as people lie blanketed in rubble
A drive to survive awakens in the hearts of victims
A dream arouses, stirs within, the glow swallowing doubt

The pen can do so much, for it doesn’t control
Actions speak louder than words
For your mind is your own, nobody may change it against your will
Treasure it always

Violence can be many things
Like the blaze of light striking a tree into blacken remains
Or a massive wall of water careening down
But you can’t label violence as bad
Things can’t be labeled as good or bad

Licks of flame dance across a silent forest
Leaving behind the stench of death clinging to scorched remnants
Green shoots poke their way through ashes
Maybe in the center of all destruction
Lies a seed of hope
In the darkness of evil


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