2011 – Most Philosophical 2nd Grader in America:

Chett Skinner, Minesota.

Doing the right thing...


What does it mean to do the right thing? It's not always easy. Doing the right thing makes you a hero and a good person. We all can be truthful and brave and make good choices that make us feel god and the world a better place. Its like eating all your dinner and being rewarded with a SWEET TREAT!

Doing the right thing feels like a huge at work.

When you wonder if you are doing the right thing, just TAKE 5 and think about it.

Doing the right thing feels like you are soaring the MILKY WAY galaxy.

Doing the right thing feels like KISSES from your puppy.

Brave people make STRIDE in history when they do the right thing.

Sometimes, the right thing is a real LIFESAVERS.

Not all the right things are WHOPPERS...little things make a big difference.

Do you hear it? the right thing is like a SYMPHONY of beautiful music.

You can never have too much of the right thing. GOOD & PLENTY is the way to go!

Because doing the right thing can be hard it is both SWEETARTS.

Like the 3 MUSKETEERS said, "All for one and one for all." Working together is the right thing!

Doing the right thing feels like you won 100 GRAND in the lottery.

SMARTIES do the right thing because they use facts to make good choices.

To do the right thing you have to go the EXTRA mile.


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