2011 – Most Philosophical 3rd Grader in America:

Jayden Chavez, New Mexico .

I know that when I do the right thing I feel very good about myself. I know I don’t like the feeling that comes with guilt. It makes me feel unworthy of people saying and doing nice things for me.

For instance, there was a lock down at my school when I was in second grade. My teacher was absent that day. When they announced that the school was on lock down the substitute told us to get under the tables, read a book or take a nap. I immediately grabbed a book and got under the table as I was told. Other kids started throwing books and running around the classroom. One student even started crying saying that she was going to die. I tried to comfort her. Once I knew she was calm I began to read my book. About an hour later, they announced that the lockdown was lifted. I came out from under the table and started getting my backpack ready to go home. I felt good about my behavior because I knew that my teacher would want a full report and that she would be proud of me for doing as I was told and not adding to the chaos.

Another example of doing the right thing is when I was in Kindergarten. I saw a little kid on the playground who had fallen and was hurt. I went to go comfort him and make sure he was okay. I helped him up and walked him to the nurse’s office. He said “thank you.” I felt good that I offered to help him because I would want someone to do the same for me.

In the third grade, I have two friends who do not always get along. One friend is always bullying the other one. I told them to calm down and that we would try to work this out. I tried to explain that bullying is wrong and that we should all try to be friends. The “bully” did not want to listen so I went with the other friend to talk to the teacher. The teacher tried to take care of it as best as she could. This helped a little bit, but they still fight. So I have decided to keep my distance from the “bully.” I felt bad that I wasn’t able to work it out between the three of us but felt good about my decision to “stay away” from the bully.

My parents have raised me to always do the right thing. I have always lived by the saying “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So I always try to not only do the right thing but to treat others with respect and kindness. My parents have also taught me that if I don’t have anything nice to say that I should not say anything at all. I feel like these are good rules to live by and will always keep you on the right path.



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