2011 – National 4th Grade 3rd Place Award Winner:

Marina Franco, Texas.

Do the Ends Justify the Means ?

Doing the right thing

“Doing the right thing”, to help people who are poor and don’t have homes is a good opportunity to help them when they are in need. People who don’t have homes is a challenge for them because they can get hurt. And that’s why we have to help them start a new life for them and maybe you can help them find a home. If you help them it can change their life. People who help others in need do the right thing, but people who don’t do the right thing are making a mistake.

You can help people in different countries like me and my mom. One day me and my mom volunteered to help Haiti after the earthquake. And we volunteered to find people who are hurt and you can make a change for the people. My mom wanted to volunteer to help people because she works at a hospital so she knows what to do. One day me and my mom were looking for three missing kids who disappeared after the earthquake. Suddenly we found two missing boys and returned them to their family, still the family was worried because they were missing a third child.

The next day we continued our search for the third missing child. It took us about three minutes until we heard a voice coming from an abandoned store. The voice grew louder and louder until we found him on the floor with a cut on his leg, so my mom got her safety kit and wrapped a towel around his leg. After that we took him to his family and from that day I was proud of myself that we helped someone who was lost. And I’ll never forget that day when I help the people in Haiti.


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