2012 – 3rd Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Nora Sypkens, Illinois.

What is the meaning of life ?

Have you ever thought about the values in your life? Loved ones, positive thoughts, and beautiful moments are very valuable in my life. I am lucky to have these amazing values.
First of all, loved ones are valuable in my life. They are valuable in my life because they understand you and know what you like. They are always there for you. Loved ones know how to make you happy. You need to cherish them because you will not get them anywhere else. They are family and friends.
Another value in my life is positive thoughts. They help keep you going. They bring joy to sad places. Positive thoughts give you hope. Positive thoughts tell you yes or no. They are your conscience.
Lastly, beautiful moments are valuable to me. These are some beautiful moments in my life. Donating your time to someone is an example of a beautiful moment. Another beautiful moment is reaching a goal you have constantly worked at. My last and favorite moment is learning something new. These are amazing moments in my life.
Now you know three terrific values in my life. The first value is loved ones. MY second value is positive thoughts. The last value in my life is beautiful moments. These are all values that I cherish. I hope there are values in your life too.


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