2012 – 4th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Tegan Harrs, Hawaii.

What is the meaning of life ?

The meaning of life is the existence of plants, animals and humans. Our existence is not determined by our life’s duration, but it’s the quality of our present existence. Why we are alive is the ultimate religious question that has been asked for centuries. While living, most humans enjoy working for themselves, perhaps benefiting for the good of mankind. Questions related to the meaning of life have never been solved by theologians and philosophers nor probably never will be solved to everyone’s satisfaction; so for now, each of us must decide the answer for ourselves. It doesn’t mean that there is no right answer; instead, it simply means that it hasn’t yet been solved.

Now it seems to me that the meaning of life is about fairness. I consider a fair life as one where you have worked for, or earned, the things you have. Equality is not the same as fairness. Equality means everyone would get the same things. For example, if you worked hard and were awarded bonus points on a quiz, everyone else would get the bonus points too—without necessarily having worked for it. Although the meaning of life may not have been solved with certainty, I think the meaning of life involves fairness.


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