2012 – 5th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Rosalie Kurtz, Minnesota.

What is the meaning of life ?

Life. A journey. A story. Why am I me? Why do I stay? The people around me need me. I need them too. Parents, siblings, friends. They support me and I support them. We help each other.

Three years ago, my grandfather had cancer. It was the hardest six months of my life. Although I realized every turn I made, there was a family member or friend waiting to help me. They kept me going. I kept my grandfather going. They kept me smiling and laughing. They were there when I cried. The meaning of life is supporting each other. Keeping each other going.

I have to make my life worth it. I have to live it the best that I can. I have to make a difference in the world. I won’t die in vain then. I know that I have to make a difference. Then, I will know that my life is lived right and to the fullest. Find something that you think is important. Take little steps to make a big difference. Even little steps can help to make a big difference and can solve problems. It’s never too late to make your life count. To make it worth something.

The meaning of life? It’s doing your best, working your hardest, not only for yourself, but for others. This will help us make the world better. We can keep each other going


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