2012 – 6th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Logan Olander, Minnesota.

What is the meaning of life ?

“Life is problems. Living is solving problems.” (Raymond E. Feist). The meaning of life is to make you count and to overcome. Make an impact on the world and overcome as many obstacles as you can while still mixing fun into both.

To have obstacles to overcome is to live. Without obstacles in our lives we would be perfect. Everybody being perfect would be boring because there would be nothing for anyone to do. We would all be in shape and be perfect looking. There would be no effort because putting an effort into doing something would be considered an obstacle. Obstacles that are to be overcome during life are not supposed to be 100% easy all the time. Overcoming an obstacle can be hard and tough to do, but if you overcome the hard obstacles in life, that makes many obstacles after that much more easy.

The meaning of life is also to make a change to the world. What is the point of life if you did absolutely nothing and never influenced anybody’s life? If you influenced somebody right now to do one tiny thing or to get out of a habit, would that be no help to that person in the future? The point of life is to make yourself count by inventing something revolutionizing, influencing someone to do something that they would not normally do, or coming up with your own unique way to count in one person’s life or maybe many people’s lives.

Another huge point in life is to have fun while you are making yourself count or overcoming obstacles. What would be the point of life if nobody had some fun while going through their lives? Having fun is a huge part of life but there also needs to be parts that are serious, focused, and for some people, boring. If you skip the hard parts in life, they always come back later and worse than they were before. Overcoming these serious parts will make the easy and fun parts more relaxing and less tense.

The meaning of life is to overcome and be an actual part of the world. To have a filling life you have to overcome obstacles, make a change in the world, and have fun while doing both of them. “Life is problems. Living is solving problems.” (Raymond E. Feist). What would be the point of life if there was no fun or objectives to overcome?


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