2012 – 7th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Antonis Constant, Florida.

What is the meaning of life ?

*Two friends have been having a conversation in Socrates’ home. They have been talking about philosophical topics for hours. Now they reach the question of “What is the meaning of Life?”

- So Plato that brings us to our next topic, the Meaning of Life.

- What is it? Really, I have always wondered about this topic, Socrates.

- It can be many, many things just imagine the possibilities.

- That there brings me to my next question Socrates, how do we know if there is a Meaning of Life, Socrates?

- Think, because if I answer it will just lead you to another question. Now you got something there. How do we know?

-Well I personally believe that there is no meaning at all. What I mean is that there is more than one meaning to life.

- But why is that Plato?

-Because there are so many different things, views, and people in this world. Not everyone can have the exact same view.

- And why can’t everyone have the same view Plato?

- Well, that is because everyone believes in different things and knows different things, so for one person something normal or usual might be completely unusual and different for another.

- Ah, there we go Plato now you are saying something. Go on.

- Well so for me Life can have many meanings, it just depends who you are and what your beliefs are.

- Excellent Plato, now tell me a few meanings Life can have?

- Well Socrates, it can be about enjoying every moment of it, it can be being with your family, or learning new things.

-Then what about mistakes, what part do they play in Life?

- We need to make mistakes at one point of our lives, everyone has to. Otherwise we can’t learn anything, mistakes bring us one step closer to becoming perfect which is an almost never ending staircase.

- Well said Plato, we will talk again keep everything you have learned in mind. Until next time.

- Goodbye Socrates.


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