2012 – 8th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Kyla Byam-Ramsay, New York.

What is the meaning of life ?

Making mistakes and learning from them are one of the many episodes of life that never ends. Mistakes on decisions you make and the things you say are the aspects that define and form the person you are. There are many moments in a person’s life where the lesson formed from the mistake is taken out of the content. This is what brings the variety of advice and outcomes in the lives of many.

Mistakes certain people learn from can all originate from a simple word called “lying.” Lying can be the root of all deception and manipulation. The challenging thing about lying that creates the lesson, is keeping up with it and not getting caught. Many people in their lives have lied on numerous occasions, some small and some big. The lesson learned through lies can come as easy as “do not lie,” or it can be painful as a violent reaction such as a fight. The mistake of a lie can become the destruction of friendships.

People in my very own life have lied to me and other people in their life. That lie has caused the destruction of relationships. The liars normally feel a moment of regret and disappointment in themselves. If the relationship can be saved, they learn not to take it for granted and to learn the mistake of lying.

The true meaning of life is to make mistakes, learn and to move on or progress with that lesson that was learned. Life is filled with endless lessons as well as different understandings of the lesson. It takes a strong person to accept the mistake of the decision they made, and to move on in the appropriate matter. “Live. It is to live, that is the biggest challenge a person has to face.” –Ezra Scarlet


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