2013 – 6th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Abril Macho, Florida.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?

A very important question/topic in philosophy is: "What is more powerful hate or love?" Many philosophers have tried to answer this question. To me the answer on the question depends one your opinions of the effects of hate and love. Many think that love and hate are complete opposites with opposite effects which are one of the reasons why this question is hard to answer. But the truth is that they aren't really opposites because you can't love without hating and vice versa.

Love can be more powerful than hate because love can end violence, make others do lovable things, inspire creations. Also since love is a much sweeter emotion, people become more attracted to it. Love is so powerful that when you feel love towards someone, it will make you do lovable things instead of hateful things. Love also has the power to create life. Two people that hate each other won't create children unlike two people who love each other. If you were asked the question of whether you'd prefer to be hated or loved, the answer would be loved. And if you were asked the question of whether you'd prefer to love more than hate or hate more than love the choice would be to love more than hate. Love can end hate and it can change someone's hateful ways.

On the other hand, hate can also be more powerful than love. Hate leads to craziness, which in most cases leads to violence. It can destroy what exists, and hate can also come when you have tried to be loved but failed. Hate can appear when you are or have been bullied. If a bully keeps on tormenting you, it will make you go crazy to the point where it will be strong enough to make you act in a violent manner. Hate can destroy life. If you like someone and try to make them like you and have failed, or this person likes another it will also create hate and can also lead to violence. Racism is also a type of hate which to this day has not been completely stopped.

With all these points on each side, it is hard to answer the question. Many have thought about the question and tried to find answers. Franklin D. Roosevelt said "The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate. Any nation or group of nations which employs hatred eventually is torn to pieces by hatred." What he meant by this was that love is more powerful and that anything started by hate will be destroyed by hate.

In conclusion, the question is hard to answer but most think that love is more powerful. One of the reasons is due to the fact that hate can destroy what exists, but love can create life. I believe that love is more powerful due to the many reasons stated above. As many have tried to answer the question, many will continue to do so.



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