2013 – 6th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Bill Haarlow, Illinois.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?

Love has the power to heal and give life
If you feel love from your mom and dad,
then you are less likely to be a bad person or take drugs.

If hate was more powerful,
then our world would be in a state of constant war.
Eventually, love would win out,
but our lovely world would be destroyed.

Love is fairness
And truth
And happiness
While trying to
forgive others

Love is a warm blanket
Snuggling you up
In coziness

Crazy as it is,
Every good thing
Depends on love.
It's a fact of life.

Love is:
And everything else

Love IS more powerful than hate
In lots of ways
That I have not listed here.
Love has the power to do

That kingdoms can do.

Love is life
Creator of all
Love is embodied
In humans
And animals

Love is traditions
And cultures
From the finest materials.

Hate is
war and destruction
Not love.

Love is extremely powerful
Like a wave
Little ripples
Of joy and happiness
Washing over my feet

Is also a wave
But it is a tsunami
Destroying a fishing village
Like a shoe on a bug

Love is strength
To build cities
Like Rome
And Carthage

Love gives strength
To man
And makes them
Not cowards

Love burns with a light
Like fire
So it can overcome

Love is courage
Hate is destruction

Mrs. O'Leary's cow destroyed a city
(On accident of course)
But love resurrected it

Makes you feel pain
And suffering

Soldiers die in battle
Because of hate
But they died serving their cause
Because they loved it

Was created by love
For freedom, not captivity

Human beings were created by God
Because he needed company
And someone to love him
So he can love them back

Hate is a powerful thing
a monster in a glass jar
Writhing to get out
Hate is an abomination,
It razes everything it touches

Love recreates,
Not destroys
As hate does

Love is a gift
To life
All of it

love and life
Defeat hate,
Now a crumpled tin can.



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