2013 – 6th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Darayus Gorimaar, Pennsylvania.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?


The Forever Power Duel

Which is more powerful, love or hate?

The answer to this question will lead us all to our fate.

Many say love, but proved it has not been.

They say love because it's a force of good, and hatred a sin.

They are probably right, but just can't prove it,

So I think I’ll try to do it.

Say, one day you're just walking around,

When your best friend runs by, and accidentally knocks you to the ground.

They then run on without saying sorry,

That's when you start to change the story.

You walk into the mysterious fog known as hate.

And you feel love is weak, and hate is great.

You go in deeper and deeper until you are lost,

And want revenge at all cost.

You don't remember all the great times you had,

And how your friend had always made you glad.

When you see your friend sitting on a bench,

You walk up slowly, and your fists start to clench,

Your eyes are full of misery and hate,

But then he offers you a cookie, and your hate starts to fade.

And all that anger, misery, and pain,

Is gone faster than a bullet train.

And you know the truth about your strife,

Hate is just an emotion and love is life.

Say one day, your stretching before your track meet,

And your friend runs by, and grazes you with his cleat,

Without realizing what he's done, he runs on by,

And the blood dripping from your leg starts to make you cry.

You fight back tears and get ready for the first race,

But with your injury, you only get second place.

You glare at the winner, the friend who made your leg bleed,

And hatred plants itself in your stomach, just like an apple seed.

Only not a beautiful apple tree will grow,

Nay- a prickly thorn bush shall, with pain high and low.

Your anger boils a locomotive's furnace burning coal.

You burn more and more, as the story unfolds.

You, he and your other friends go out for pizza the next day,

But then you realize you've forgotten your wallet and cannot pay!

But your friend bails you out, and covers the cost your food,

You forget the small injury, and get in a happy kind of mood.

And you know the truth about your strife,

Hate is just an emotion and love is life.

And now to wrap up I just want to say,

Love beats hate, any day.



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