2013 – National High School 2nd Place

Quincy Gibbs, Oklahoma.

Whic is more powerful, love or hate?

Which is more powerful, love or hate? I believe love is considerably more powerful. Even though hate outnumbers love, is easy to achieve, is more comfortable, and is what we know, hate is no match for the power of love. Love is the power that enables life to have a purpose.

Hate is much easier to obtain than love. Hate may even be considered just the absence of love. This suggests that hate is the starting point of emotional relationships. One begins with hatred and must work towards love. Most people in the world settle with hatred. No work is required to live a life full of hatred. The world's hatred is abundant, easy to acquire, and tempting to settle in. If one puts forth the effort to surround one's life with the power of love, one's life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. Once one accomplishes the state of love, one becomes addicted to it. Love multiplies, and love is almost impossible to break after it has been established.

On the other hand, hate is comfortable. Hate is natural, engraved in our minds as young children, and is in our comfort zone. Love may be painful and scary. Love cannot be taught. One may be loved, but one must experience love for oneself in order to truly understand love's power. People may be hesitant towards the concept of love because love is an irrational, unexplored emotion. Hate seems to convey an idea of control and simplicity. Love may be confusing and causes irrational and unpredictable behavior. However, in order to take advantage of love's power, one must first jump out of hate's comfort zone and explore love.

Love and hate participate in an everlasting fight for survival. Hate is what we are born with, what we are taught, and what is seen all around us. Hate is easy, free, and comfortable. Oppositely, love is unnatural, must be learned, and requires time to develop. Love is confusing and may cause pain. But hate is no match for love. Love is permanent. After one dies, one's love remains in the world while one's hate vanishes. Love's power spawns all of the essential aspects of a good life. When one achieves love, emotions such as compassion, happiness, and generosity flow freely from one's heart.

Love's power radiates from one who surrounds oneself with love. Hate may be easy, common knowledge, and simple, but love is addicting and contagious. Love brings one's stagnant heart to life. Love can overcome all obstacles while hate surrenders to any inconveniences. Love is an all-powerful emotion that provides life with a reason to continue.

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