2013 – 3rd Grade National 4th Place Winner

Nathaniel Nokken, Texas.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” – Abraham Lincoln

Douglas: No. You have to have guns to destroy people.

Lincoln: So you have to have guns?

D: Yes.

L: I thought that it was hate that you have to have.

D: No. You have to have guns.

L: But I think love can stop wars.

D: No. Winning and truces win wars.

L: So you have to have guns and truces.

D: Yes.

L: Do you believe in the parable of the cave because you are so in it.

D: No, I am out of the cave.

L: I think you don’t get it.

D: I do.

L: Do you think that you are still in the shadows?

D: No I do not.

L: Well you are.

D: Well…

L: Hate shapes the way we think and feel and do; and it shapes nations. It sparks rebellions and changes and shapes history.

D: Well I guess love and hate are equal.

L: No! Hate is more powerful.


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