2013 – 4th Grade National 2nd Place Winner

Sophia Parker, Iowa.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?

Personally I believe that love is more powerful because nothing can break the power of love no matter what. I can completely relate to it when I lost a family member we were sad but we still had love for him no matter when or where.

Like I say" Love is not a force, it is a feeling". Just like Confucius said " Before you set out on a trip of revenge dig two graves" hate will not just hurt the other person it will hurt yourself so if you love everyone as you love yourself people will respect you and have love for you not hate.

As Martin Luther King Jr. believed that you shall not take hate for hate, but you shall take love for hate. What I mean by that is if someone does not like you‚ you can still like them. If you stay true to yourself nothing can make you feel hated. There are people in life that act like they don't love you but deep inside everybody has love in them. If anything you have to realize how to love.


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