2013 – 7th Grade National 4th Place Winner

Parker Jorenby, Minnesota.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?

Love, a woman of goodwill, makes a wrong turn into a darken alley on her way to the hospital. Hate, a man charged with destroying all good, stirs in the shadows. Will Love conquer all?

"Excuse me Sir; do you know the way to the hospital?" Love asks.

"Princess, I am not your Prince Charming. I will not help you get there. LET THEM ROT! They can't help your kingdom in their dreadful, miserable state." Hate sneered at his latest conquest.

I am here to help them." Love expressed unwavering, "Thich Nhat Hanh once said, 'The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.' I believe the same is true for love."

"Your good deeds will not save you. Death is inevitable!"

"My friend let me show you how Love works! It is a power beyond human understanding."

Love grabs Hate's hand. Though Hate initially is cold as ice, he is warmed by her hand in his.

As Hate walks with Love, he is drawn selfishly towards a light in the distance. A stranger who has encountered Love and Hate previously blocks the path. He is shocked to see them together. "Love, what are you doing with Hate? Hate almost destroyed me. He taught me that bullying would get me everything. I got pain and loneliness. You showed me through Love endless possibilities, understanding and goodwill."

Realizing their true identities, Hate lashes out at the stranger, "Hate always wins. You see that bright light ahead - it's mine." Love walks over to hug the stranger and whispers, "In the end, my friend, Love conquers all - even Hate."

The stranger walks on knowing Love's power.

As Love and Hate continue towards the light, they arrive at the hospital.

"Hate," Love says, "Just because you can bring a person down faster than I can bring someone up, doesn't mean you are more powerful. Being destructive is not the same as being powerful. My grandma died in this hospital. You would say you won because death took her from us. Not true. On her death bed, she was able to bring her entire family together. We were able to see peace in her passing that is beyond any power we have here on earth. I am proof that death ended nothing. My grandma lives in me and I know I will see her again when I pass. So you see Hate, you are just an occasional roadblock. Love never fails and never ends."

As Hate's exterior begins to melt from Love's warmth, Hate makes his first apology, "Can you forgive me for all the destruction I have caused?"

"Love always forgives."

As they continue towards the light, its brightness is overpowering. And while Hate was not Love's Prince Charming, Hate did find freedom living in Love's world.

So, the next time you experience a wrong turn in life and see no hope, look towards the light and Love will be there.


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