2013 – 8th Grade National 3rd Place Winner

David Cuitiva, Florida.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?



Power is obtained by love

Love others as you love yourself

It is what makes you the "bigger man"

It's like a needle in a hay stack

It grabs the attention of others and makes us standout from all the hatred

Love inspires, yet it never retires

Wear it to wherever you shall go with your attire

It is easier to work with others through affection

Rather than killing for other's attention

It reaches out to your sister and brothers

It makes us think and decide

Whether to combine or divide

Power is to influence and control

It is one who manages love

Rather than hate who rules it's victim

Hate leads you, you do not lead it

Hate led Hitler

Martin Luther King got his power showing love to others

We influence our loved ones

Sharing habits with friends is a sign of influence and power through love

Love was a gift given to reach power


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