2013 – Most Philosophical 5th Grader in America

Elizabeth Fowler, Texas.

Which is more powerful, love or hate?

The Fountain of Love    and    The Prison of Hate

Love and Hate
A paradox.
They both collide into one another.
Without one,
The other would mean,

A dark abyss.
As you grow to hate
You fall deeper and deeper
In a grasping hole,
Until you hit the bottom,
And that sheer dislike
Turns into unyielding

A magical feeling.
A needle of passion
Sews hearts
Damaged by Hate.
Agape Love: Selflessly
Giving happiness
And pure

The question is,
Which is more powerful?
Pure Love sprays out, like a fountain.
Hate, like a prison in your mind, trapped.

Like an unbalanced force,
Their power can overcome each other.
Love can mend the cut of hate;
Then again, Hate can break the mend of Love.



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