2013 – Most Philosophical 6th Grader in America

Rosalie Kurtz, Minnesota.

Which is more powerfl, love or hate?

There is lots of love in the world. I think it is just hidden by the giant cloud of hate that stills stands. Does love have a chance against hate? In movies there are many happily ever after's. In fairytales that is what the story is about. The beautiful princess marries her prince charming and the evil stepmother is defeated. That never happens. Does that mean hate is more powerful? Just because we don't always see love, it has to be there. Nothing can be all hate. Nothing can be all love. Every situation has a little of both. Which is stronger? Is the blanket of hate stronger or does love weave itself silently and eventually take over like in the movies?

There is always going to be violence. It seems, though, that lately there is more than usual. On the news I hear many stories. The word travels. Hate feeds us. Why do we read it? Why do we pay attention? We pay attention on hateful things more than loving things. We focus in on what is wrong more than what is already good. In stores there are lots of violent movies and video games. I hear people talk about them all the time. I can't help but wonder, is the media affecting what we think about?

What makes hate different from any other thing that we see it in so many things? To hate someone must take a lot of effort because you have to strongly dislike them. That's what the dictionary says. How can we get to that degree? It is sad that there is such thing as hate. What can cause us to get to that kind of intensity? I don't think it will ever stop. Hate. There will always be some hate. That doesn't mean there can't be less.

I think that neither is stronger. Neither can outdo each other. I think that more people hate then love but love is stickier. Once you love something it is harder to stop loving it then it is to stop hating someone or something. When you truly love something or someone it is harder to let go. You love it deeply. That is what it means to love something or someone, to never let go. Love has a downside. Unfortunately there can't be smiles on everybody's chin. Love and hate go hand in hand. There is never one without the other. With all love there is hate. With all hate there is love. Not all love goes both ways. That is the hate. All bad situations can get better. That is the love.

I heard a story on the news about two children who were locked in a car when it was below zero outside. They were little children and they were at restaurant and there aunt walked away and left them. However the restaurant manager was outside and noticed the car window was partly broken and broke it open and got the kids out. The love was given by the restaurant manager and that love probably saved their lives. There are billions of people in this world and if we all did little things then at least some of the hate would go away.

I have read a book called A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. It is a true story about a boy named Salva. He lived in Afghanistan, when it was at war. He walked for thousands of miles and had many encounters with the surroundings when he could have died. His uncle and only friend on the walk died. He did find his dad after the war and his life turned around. The hate from the war lasted for a long time. However, the love did show up eventually.

I feel hate. I feel love. If you look for love you will find it. If you look for hate you will find lt. There will always be bad. There will always be hate. Without hate, love is worthless. Without hate people would not be grateful. They would just expect good. They would never expect hate because it wouldn't be there. Love is amazing no one can doubt that but you need hate to balance the scale. You cannot say which is more powerful because love and hate aren't complete without each other. Each one needs the other.


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