2014 – 3rd Grade National 3rd Place Winner

Jack Smalley, New Jersey.

Truth or beauty: Which has a greater impact on society?

I believe that truth has more of an impact on society. Being truthful helps you out in everyday situations like when you are accused of something you didn’t do. If you are an honest person, people will believe you because you have been honest before. Being truthful helps you to be open to the truth of other people, like being open to other people’s languages and customs.

I believe that beauty is also important in people’s lives. I find beauty in my guitar because I love playing it and it makes nice music. I find things that are natural beautiful, like trees and animals. I also find beauty in art, like it music and paintings. Truth is beautiful and truth is being honest. Even though I find truth has more impact on society, I think beauty and truth are similar. And they are both important.



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