2014 – Most Philosophical 6th Grader in America

David Bohnenblust, Florida.

Aphrodite has captured Athena,
And hidden her in a giant barrel labeled beauty,
And now holding her ransom,
Zeus was forced to step down,
Aphrodite has taken over,
Her rule has changed Olympus,
Now we all follow blindly,
To who we believe is right,
In her rule the world is different,
Zeus no longer a king,
Is now a peasant,
Aphrodite has changed that all,
Poseidon has ran away from the sea,
Ares lost his sword,
Artemis her bow,
And Apollo has forgotten how to play,
Demeter has lost her land,
Every leaf to every clover,
All her truth was banned,
All because Aphrodite has taken over,
If only Socrates were there,
Over on mount Olympus,
He would surely help free Athena,
Although he perished in her very city,
Or what if Oscar Wilde,
Who would help Demeter,
Roamed the land at that time,
He would show us how we imitate,
If only we could all help Athena.

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