2014 – 7th Grade National 4th Place Winner

John Lee-Diaz, Illinois.

Truth or Beauty: Which has a greater impact on society?

Truth is being honest or stating a fact. Honesty is important because people need true information in order to be successful. Some of the most successful people in history were those individuals that told the truth even when it was dangerous to do so. Individuals that were truthful include, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey. Truth has a big effect on society, because citizens depend on educational facilities, government agencies and community to be truthful.

To begin, the system of education must be truthful. For example, in order for a school to operate efficiently, the principal must operate with the spirit of truth. This means selecting the best teachers, curricula and staff to educate students. Also, a community depends on teachers to teach with truth. Meaning, teachers must treat students the way that they would want their own children treated. Finally, community depends on parents to raise their children truthfully so that they will become responsible citizens. These are examples of how truth in education affects society.

In addition to truth in education, citizens depend on the government for truth. We depend on the government to be truthful about our safety and protection. For instance, the American people want to know that they’re safe during the war that is now going on. Another example of how citizens depend on the government to be truthful is with money. Citizens want to know honestly how their money is being managed. Lastly, there should be trust in the legal system. For example, in court there should be trust in courts for the benefit of the people that are innocent or guilty. These are examples of how truth in government affects society.

Along with education and government, community depends on one another for truth. For example, as neighbors we depend on one another to be truthful so that we all get along in society. Citizens depend on neighborhood workers such as cashiers and accountants to deal with them in a truthful manner so that they will not be cheated out of money. Finally, citizens depend on friends to be truthful. A friend that cannot be trusted is not a true friend. These are examples of how truth in community affects society.

In conclusion, truth has a big effect on society. Truth is needed in education. Also, truth is desirable in government. Truth is wanted in community. Without truth, life is uncertain.


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