2014 – Most Philosophical 8th Grader in America

Isaac Anthony Martin, Texas.

Beauty is a category of truth and is therefore insignificant in comparison, seeing as the whole is larger than a part. Truth consists of an existence of two categories. The categories are human, and existent, beauty being a subcategory of human truth. Human truth is what is not disproven and believed by the individual. Existent truth is all that exists independent of human knowledge. Beauty truth is that which is appealing a worthy of lust from humans.

Beauty is a perceived opinion, therefore believed opinion. Human truth is a set of believed opinions. Therefore beauty is a subcategory of human truth. This is well demonstrated and proven in stock market predictions, scientific communities’ theories, and religions. Religions differ, though by followers are deemed true. Stock market predictions are held to be true, and entrusted with investment. Scientific theories are proven relentlessly repeatedly by believers. All which matters is that which the followers hold to the light and deem as truth. Believers hold dear their values, maintaining confidence and holding open the truth within the realm of ideas and truths others hold to be so. Humans, the sole measurement at hand, believe predictions true, therefore true in different terms, as an estimate with reasonable validity.

Truth’s ability to exist without beauty is a great contributory to its impact unto society. Beauty is dependent upon the human mind, although truth exists with and without humans. All that exists is true; therefore truth has the greater impact on society, seeing all observable is undeniably true, including society. All is undeniably true, because even if this realm is an unwavering illusion, the substance still there merely exists in a different state than previous belief. How the Earth existed without humans is a simple question to many, answer being that the entity formerly “was.” Beauty, existing within the realm of the subjective viewpoint, depends upon society, therefore being worth less in comparison. Truth, being the rocks, the buildings, the very soil on which we stamp our mark of humanity unto, has superb impact to a butterfly surprising youth.

Persons may argue beauty overrules truth, though are misinterpreting truth as one unwavering idea, and hold beauty to be independent of truth. Human truth is dependent upon persons, the only viable measure. Beauty is within the realm of human truth, as all humans judge true. Existent truth shows truth is independent of persons; being that which exists independent of human knowledge, being all with potential to exist. Society is existent truth, as can exist without human knowledge.
Truth has a far greater effect on society than its subsection labeled “beauty.” Truth is existent without humans, while beauty is existent solely within the realm of human truth. Existent truth exists independently of the realm of human thought being what is, has been, and yet to be. Truth is added upon by human thought, this being human truth. Truth is under unification, that of permanence, with the very existence of society itself, therefore the most effective over society


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